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Two Romanians Charged With Hacking Police CCTV Cameras Before Trump Inauguration

Two Romanian nationals were behind the attack that hacked into 70% of the computers that control Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department’s surveillance camera network in January this year, CNN reports.

According to the criminal complaint unsealed in Washington, the pair hacked 123 of the Metropolitan Police Department’s 187 outdoor surveillance cameras used to monitor public areas in D.C. by infecting computers with ransomware in an effort to extort money.

Instead of fulfilling ransom demands, the DC police department took the storage devices offline, removed the infection and rebooted the systems across the city, ensuring that the surveillance camera system was secure and fully operational.

Looking For Volunteers – Pomona NY Warming Center

Hello North Rockland~ as I know we are one of the most amazing, kind, loving, & giving Communities ~ I wanted to make you all aware that the Warming Center in Pomona is looking for volunteers. They are mighty full as you can imagine with these frigid temperatures. Let’s show them some NR LOVE ♥️
Please email Yael Williams at if you’re interested ! And thank you in advance.

Nissan Finance Canada Suffers Data Breach — Notifies 1.13 Million Customers

and the band plays on as the ship is sinking…

Nissan warns of a possible data breach of personal information on its customers who financed their vehicles through Nissan Canada Finance and INFINITI Financial Services Canada.
Although the company says it does not know precisely how many customers were affected by the data breach, Nissan is contacting all of its roughly 1.13 million current and previous customers.
In a statement released Thursday, Nissan Canada said the company became aware of an “unauthorized access to personal information” of some customers on December 11.

It’s believed that the unknown hacker(s) may have had access to the following information:

  • Customers’ names
  • Home addresses
  • Vehicle makes and models
  • Vehicle identification numbers (VIN)
  • Credit scores
  • Loan amounts
  • Monthly payments

Windows 10 Facial Recognition Flaw

Security flaws have been published regarding facial recognition authentication methods.  By using social media photo’s hackers proved the flaw and were able to by-pass the Windows 10 log on.  Windows has published an update to patch this flaw and harden the facial recognition log in.  With this in mind, please remember that with the huge move toward the facial recognition market rapidly growing, you need to be aware of the challenges in this arena.  For every vendor security patch to fix a flaw, their are thousands of hackers working day and night to find new ways to bypass them.  If you have a few moments please read this detailed and technical report regarding the “spoofing” capabilities to “trick” an authentication mechanism.

Click here for the Detailed Report

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